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Whatever business you're in, you have at least one audience to reach, probably more. Whether your audience works for you, or they're your current or potential customers, people are busy. Your business needs to connect with them in fresh and engaging ways. That's where we can help.

Think of us as your personal creative and production boutique. We're small enough to give you personal attention, yet when the need arises... large enough to tackle any project that comes our way.

With over 30 years in video production, we know how to tell your story. From documentary filmmaking to advertising, to video for your social media presence, we'll make sure you have media you'll be proud of, and at a reasonable price. Whether the job calls for a crew of one or forty, you can be sure your production dollars are wisely spent.

Powerful imagery is important, but content is king. We will get your message across in a voice that's clear and unique to your brand. 

If your video calls for a higher perspective or that gliding cinematic shot, there's nothing quite like aerial video. Aerial still photos and video are also great for land surveying, tower inspection, or just a keepsake image of your property. We've been shooting aerial photography for over 30 years. Whether the shot requires a drone, helicopter, or airplane, we can handle it.


Speaking of drones, with them being so easily acquired now, it may be tempting to get your own shot.  Let's face it, things that fly are pretty fun. That said, if you are shooting for commercial purposes (as in any kind of business) you must have an FAA part 107 license and insurance. Period. The FAA is quite strict about that these days. Our drone operators are licensed, insured and skilled. Another thing to keep in mind is that, it's one thing to be a drone pilot and quite another to be an experienced videographer. Our directors are skilled at both. But if you are a videographer with a vision, our Inspire 2 birds can put you at the control of the camera, while we fly the drone for you. We have an array of lenses and can accommodate most video formats up to 5k.

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