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Rate Card

Pricing of creative work can be a complicated matter. But it needn't be difficult. Our prices are based on:

  • Our experience level in the particular creative or production disciplines involved

  • Industry standards for your region.

  • The size and scope of your overall project.

  • The size of the audience to be reached.

  • Any media buys involved.

  • Whether a buyout or specified licensing is desired.

We encourage you to discuss price and scope of the work with us. We promise to be open, honest, fair... and not the least bit snooty about it.

What you see below are approximations for the midwest US. The factors listed above will impact the final quote. 



Concept Development            $75 hr

Writing                                    $95 hr

Research                                $45 hr


Concept Development            $75 hr

Design                                    $95 hr

Layout and Photo Comp         $75 hr

Video Production

Full 1080 HD quality, 5D MarkIII and digital audio included. 

If additional gear is required, that will be calculated separately.

Day rates listed below.

Day                                                    $1,450 

1/2 Day (min)                                     $950

Art Director                                        $900

Audio Engineer                                  $900

Grip                                                    $700

Makeup / Stylist                                 $750

Production Assistant                          $650

Drone Video

Single Operator (Phantom 4 / Mavic Air)     $750 Day

                                                                     $500 1/2 Day

Single Operator (Inspire 2)                           $1,450 Day

                                                                     $950 1/2 Day

Dual Operator (Inspire 2)                             Add 20%

Single Operator (Matrice Custom Load)      Ask for Quote.

Video Post Production

Editing                                               $125 hr

Audio Post Production                       $125 hr

2d Basic Graphics                             $125 hr

3d Complex Graphics                        $275 hr

Colorist                                              $275 hr

Still Photography

Day                                                    $1,250 

1/2 Day (min)                                     $800

Art Director                                        $800

Makeup / Stylist                                 $600

Production Assistant                         $650

Photoshop / Effects / Retouch          $125 hr

Fine Art

By commission (please ask)

All prices are day rates unless otherwise specified.


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