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Whether you use our services or not, there are things your should know. In 2016 the FAA established clear regulations affecting both amateur and professional drone usage. Breaking those regulations comes with VERY EXPENSIVE FINES. And can also be very dangerous. EVERY aerial project presents its own logistical and possibly legal issues. Always work with a licensed professional.

We are FAA part 107 licensed and insured, and have been shooting aerial imagery since 1987.

Be smart about

your aerial image gathering.

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate. 

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Happy to 

work with your production crew

We operate primarily DJI drones; both Phantom 4 and Inspire 2. So we can help you with just about any video format or resolution. With our Inspire 2 service, you can even operate the onboard camera while we fly the drone. Or we can do it all for you.

Not every production company has aerial capabilities. We offer many ways to get that perfect aerial sequence. Whether you need turnkey one man drone work, two-man, helicopter, or plane... we've got your back.

Please don't be that guy.



We were recently hired by a doctor to do a video production, in which he specifically wanted drone footage of his office. 


In discussing the project with him, he let us know his original plan was to buy his son a drone and have him shoot the exterior of the office and its proximity to a lovely nearby shopping area.  With the best of intentions, he just made a big mistake.

Sure enough, his son flew the drone over an art fair in the shopping area, and within an illegally short distance from a hospital helipad. The drone returned with TWELVE POLICEMEN FOLLOWING. 

Thankfully, this was very soon after the FAA published the laws governing drone use, and the policemen let them off with a warning. It was soon after that, when we got the call.

Moral to the story, don't be 'that guy' who gets in trouble for lack of aerial expertise. Local municipalities are coming up with new regulations all the time. And the FAA rules are not easy to interpret. Most of all, drones can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. Talk to us. We can help.

Whether the need calls for a drone, a helicopter, or a plane we have the expertise and a solution for you. And what's more important, if the shot you envision happens to be too dangerous or even illegal, we will tell you and help you toward a solution that will make you and the authorities happy.

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